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Being Martin St Louis

Here is an outstanding video series on the journey Martin St Louis has endured in his career.  Amazing worth by the Tampa Bay Lightning.  If you’re a fan of hockey, you need to watch this.

With all the trade rumors surrounding St Louis, I needed to see something like this.  I can’t imagine the Lightning letting him go.. but perhaps there’s animosity I’m unaware of.  Either way, these videos are incredible.  Have a look:


John Tavares’ #1 fan.

Found this on Next Impulse Sports.  After sustaining a bad injury (torn medial collateral ligament and meniscus in his left knee) in the Sochi games, the New York Islanders Captain John Tavares received a gold medal, but he also got this letter from 8 year-old Ashley Diffendale.

Letter to John Tavares

Letter to John Tavares

Blackhawks players get fan sendoffs for SOCHI Olympics.

The Illinois Lottery and the Chicago Blackhawks are at it again with another video.  This one shows fans recording a personal message for their favorite Blackhawks Olympians before they head over to the Sochi to represent their country for the Winter Games.  Oh, and there’s a wonderful twist at the end :)

You can watch the video here. (it loads slowly, but it worth it)