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Hockey Photo Of The Day |4| Mike McKenna

This is a portrait I took of former Peoria Rivermen (AHL) goaltender Mike McKenna (now playing in the Columbus Blue Jackets organization).  Taken during a Rivermen road game at the Grand Rapids Griffins‘ Van Andel Arena, in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Mike McKenna | ©

Mike McKenna | ©


Hockey Photo Of The Day |3| Great Day For Hockey

Photographed this prior to a Oregon Outlaws game in 2012 after pre-game warm-ups.  With the far blue line placed where it is in the image, I felt compelled to add some text to it.  There’s no other text that fits better than “It’s a great day for hockey”; because really, EVERY day is a great day for hockey.

Great Day For Hockey |©

Great Day For Hockey |©

Hockey Photo Of The Day |2| Reebok Skates

Some Reebok skates taken at the Wisconsin Whalers main camp on August 3rd, 2013.  The Whalers are 2-0 at the start of their first season in Madison, and have their home opener tonight (Saturday, Sept 28th) at 7pm at Hartmeyer Ice Arena.

Reebok Skates | ©

Reebok Skates | ©

Hockey Photo Of The Day |1| Goalie Skates

This image was taken at the Oregon Community Sports Arena in Oregon, Wisconsin.  I took one of my studio lights out onto the ice and had Joe Rhodes do a few quick stops.  After a couple tries we nailed the image below; exactly what I was going for.

Joe Rhodes' Skates | ©

Joe Rhodes’ Skates | ©

Goalie mask cam!


So I recently purchased a GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition camera with intentions of using it in all sorts of cool ways.  First up, I wanted to stick it on a hockey goalie mask and fire some pucks at them to see how the camera does and holds up.

I used the battery BacPac and the waterproof extender case that comes along with it, just to ensure no water or sweat gets inside.  The downside of that though is that the audio is craptastic then, but it was worth the trade-off to me, since this was the first time I attempted it.  I mounted the camera basically on the goalie’s forehead, attached just above the cage.  Picture below:

Mac Schmidt

Mac Schmidt

Doesn’t look the greatest, that’s for sure, so I’ll have to come up with something else in terms of mounting to helmets, but it DID work out for this test, so that’s what matters.  Here’s the a video from the shoot (recorded at 1080p, 60 frames per second):

I also captured a bunch of stills from the day, and decided to throw some of those into an animated image:

Animated GIF from goPro goalie cam

These stills were taken at 4000×3000 (12 megapixel) resolution, resized, and animated using Photoshop.

What does a slapshot look like at 240 frames per second?

It looks something like this…

(Recorded with my GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition)

Adam Alcott, of the Wisconsin Whalers.  Please dismiss the crappy composition.  I’ll get better ones, I swear.

Wisconsin Whalers

A $40 digital camera.

$40 digital camera from AC Gears (image courtesy of Gadgeteer)

$40 digital camera from AC Gears (image courtesy of Gadgeteer)

Courtesy of The Gadgeteer: