Paul Bissonnette with another first-class move.

Phoenix Coyotes left-winger Paul Bissonnette is best-known (and perhaps politely so) as a “Charismatic Enforcer“, according to The Hockey News.  The 6’2″, 216-pound 28 year old is an enforcer, to put it lightly.  My best guess at his total fight count is 169 in the various minor leagues and NHL combined (compiled via  He doesn’t have the stick-handling of a Datsyuk, the flair of an Ovechkin, or the vision of a Crosby… but he helps his team when they need it.

Paul Bissonnette (image courtesy of

Paul Bissonnette (image courtesy of

Speaking of helping, that’s just what “BizNasty” (as he’s affectionately known as on twitter) and Sauce Hockey did just a couple weeks ago.  They teamed up with The Coyotes treated some homeless families from the Central Arizona Shelter Services (CASS) Vista Colina Emergency Family Shelter to a Coyotes home game.  Around 100 individuals in all.

Paul Bissonnette (image courtesty of

Paul Bissonnette (image courtesty of

Doesn’t matter who you are.  Where you came from.  What you do.  How much you make… or how many teeth you bash in; this is a first-class move, and I absolutely love hearing about things like this.  Here’s the video from Sauce Hockey:


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