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Paul Bissonnette with another first-class move.

Phoenix Coyotes left-winger Paul Bissonnette is best-known (and perhaps politely so) as a “Charismatic Enforcer“, according to The Hockey News.  The 6’2″, 216-pound 28 year old is an enforcer, to put it lightly.  My best guess at his total fight count is 169 in the various minor leagues and NHL combined (compiled via  He doesn’t have the stick-handling of a Datsyuk, the flair of an Ovechkin, or the vision of a Crosby… but he helps his team when they need it.

Paul Bissonnette (image courtesy of

Paul Bissonnette (image courtesy of

Speaking of helping, that’s just what “BizNasty” (as he’s affectionately known as on twitter) and Sauce Hockey did just a couple weeks ago.  They teamed up with The Coyotes treated some homeless families from the Central Arizona Shelter Services (CASS) Vista Colina Emergency Family Shelter to a Coyotes home game.  Around 100 individuals in all.

Paul Bissonnette (image courtesty of

Paul Bissonnette (image courtesty of

Doesn’t matter who you are.  Where you came from.  What you do.  How much you make… or how many teeth you bash in; this is a first-class move, and I absolutely love hearing about things like this.  Here’s the video from Sauce Hockey:


Trey Hill offers some great photography advice.

Trey Hill is an accomplished pro photographer and storyteller, shooting for many different clients, the most exciting of which (for me) is the Dallas Stars hockey team.

Making the work personal (image courtesy of Trey Hill)

Making the work personal (image courtesy of Trey Hill)

A few months ago he posted an article on his blog called “Making the work personal” (please click here to go to his blog and read the entire thing).  His advice… “make the work personal”.  Some of the best advice that photographers have given over countless interviews is “always shoot personal work/projects“.  Do it to keep your eyes fresh, to shoot what you are passionate about, and to keep your head in the game.  Pretty soon, after shooting what you love to shoot for yourself, you will have clients asking you to do the same thing for them.  Check out what Chase Jarvis says about it here on his blog too.

Jaromir Jagr (image courtesy of Trey Hill)

Jaromir Jagr (image courtesy of Trey Hill)

What Trey has come up with though is a new way to do personal work all the time, by making the work personal through what you’re shooting for your clients.  What that allows you to do is get deeper into your project, and make it come alive with relationships and images that you didn’t necessarily plan on, but that make the project what it is; and possibly even better than you had envisioned it in the first place.  Hell, most of my personal projects started out as a small vision, and it’s exciting to watch as they escalate into something huge.  I have one going currently that involves hockey goaltenders, and I’m sure this one will be continuing for years – but when it’s done, it’s going to be amazing!  What I want to put into practice is making the work personal, and I can’t wait to see how it develops.

Mike Modano, putting on his sweater for the final time (image courtesy of Trey Hill)

Mike Modano (center), putting on his sweater for the final time (image courtesy of Trey Hill)

The work that Trey has done for The Stars, and hockey in general, is amazing to me.  Three of my favorite articles of his are listed here of Jaromir Jagr, Mike Modano, and Karlis Skrastins (one of 43 that were killed in the tragic Lokomotiv (KHL) plane crash on September 7, 2011).

Karlis Skrastins | “Karlis was one of those guys who… played through the pain & never complained

Karlis Skrastins | “Karlis was one of those guys who… played through the pain & never complained” – Stephane Robidas (image courtesy of Trey Hill)

Read those articles.  Pay attention.  Soak it in.  THAT is how you tell stories!  Definitely something to aspire to.  And, one day, I hope to shoot alongside him in Dallas.

Luongo and Schneider

Roberto Luongo and Cory Schneider, the two goalies for the Vancouver Canucks, have more or less been alternating starts so far through this shortened NHL season.  27 games in, Luongo is 7-3-3 with a .905 save percentage and a 2.42 goals against average.  Schneider is 6-5-3 with a .910 save percentage and a goals against average of 2.63.

Schneider (left) and Luongo (image courtesy of SB Nation)

Schneider (left) and Luongo (image courtesy of SB Nation)

Trade rumors have been floating around for months now, regarding both Luongo and Schneider.  How many teams need two number 1 goalies?  Either way, a video was recently posted regarding their “battle to be number 1” in Vancouver.  At least each goalie is keeping their wits and enjoying the playing time.

Anything is possible.

While I like the idea that “anything is possible”, there are limitations.  For example, you’re probably not going to wake up one morning and find that you have morphed into a walrus.  However, if you find yourself on Michigan Avenue in Chicago, and head into the Blackhawks store, you just might find this guy behind the counter.

Patrick Kane | Chicago Blackhawks winger/center

Patrick Kane | Chicago Blackhawks. (image via ESPN)

In honor of St Patrick’s (Kane) Day, the Illinois Lottery put this 24-year old to work at the Blackhawks Store at 325 N Michigan Ave.  Much to the surprise of some patrons.  Kane helped a few people at the counter, giving away a couple jerseys.  He also swept the floor, and rearranged some of the merchandise… which consisted of moving some of his KANE 88 jerseys over some of his (Captain)’s TOEWS 19 jerseys.  Kane and Toews give each other a lot a grief and joke around a lot, so I found that bit especially amusing.

Jonathan Toews | Chicago Blackhawks

Jonathan Toews | Chicago Blackhawks Captain (image via

Here’s a video of the whole thing, courtesy of the Blackhawks website on

Hunter Freeman and the Astronauts

The title sounds kind of like a band name doesn’t it?  :)

I really have no idea how, but I came across a series of interesting images a long while back created by photographer Hunter Freeman.  He has a personal project where he photographs someone in a astronaut suit doing seemingly every-day things.  I seem to recall a story about him renting the suit from a friend in Hollywood, but I could be crazy, so don’t quote me on that.  However, the images are stunning, comical, sad, and really get my creative juices flowing.  Here are a few of them (linked from Wine and Bowties)

Hunter Freeman | Astronaut

Hunter Freeman | Astronaut

Hunter Freeman | Astronaut

Hunter Freeman | Astronaut (the sign says “Houston” but is hard to read)

Hunter Freeman | Astronaut

Hunter Freeman | Astronaut

I love the feeling of solitude in the images… as well as the composition.  He uses color to evoke more of a certain mood out of the viewer, and each shot tells a story.  Outstanding images, I must say.

Have a look at the Wine and Bowties article on them, and check out Mr Freeman’s other work on his website, and blog.

Why photography is important.

A few months ago, the Illinois Office of Tourism contacted me about their interest in using four of my images (3 from Galena, Illinois) for promotional materials.  We went back and forth a few times, worked out a deal, and everyone is happy. recently published a post about 3 Strategic Website Lessons.  The background used in the image below is one of the images that the Office of Tourism is using.

Galena | Invest in Great Photos

Galena | Invest in Great Photos

The article is short, but provides some very good information.  The second point they bring up is “Invest in great photos”.  My favorite part is this:  “I have no idea what is in Galena, but I want to go there. Simply because of that photo“.  It’s hard for me to express how that sentiment makes me feel when they’re talking about my image.  I am regularly contacted by companies, websites, individuals, etc requesting to use my images, and it seems that nobody has a budget anymore.  People just don’t see the value in images because there are SO MANY and everyone thinks that because their phone can take a picture, they shouldn’t have to pay for any image.

I’m glad there are a few out there who still realize that it takes an eye, talent, dedication, and knowledge to make great images.  The words above mean a great deal to me; and they give me hope that someday people will be lining up for me to photograph for them.  And the fact that they were from a complete stranger makes them all the more meaningful.  I truly, truly appreciate them.

RinkLife Mag

I was recently approached by Rinklife Mag asking to use of my photos of Dubuque Fighting Saints Forward Seamus Malone, who has committed to the University of Wisconsin to play for the Badgers.  Head over to Rinklife to read the great article; and the picture is below:

Dubuque Fighting Saints Seamus Malone.

Dubuque Fighting Saints (and future University of Wisconsin Badger) Seamus Malone.