Behind the shot: Vaughn’s Lights

It’s been a while since posted in my “behind the shot” series, and I apologize for that.  Lots of hockey shooting lately… so at least I’m keeping busy, and I’m not lazy, right?  If you missed any of the other posts in the series, go take a look at them.

Let’s just kick things off then.  Over the summer I had the opportunity to photograph for the band “Go Play God“.  While recording their guitarist, Vaughn Klein, I decided to mess around with the settings on my camera to go for something fresh.  Below is the original shot, taken with my Canon 7D and my Canon 35mm f/1.4L.  Settings are ISO 200, aperture f/10, 6-second shutter speed, no flash.



From there, I used one of my presets in Lightroom 4, resulting in this image:


I wanted a bit more contrast, so I darkened the darks, and lightened the lights, which gave the image below:


Decent, but I lost all definition in the highlights in the upper right, so I added a graduated filter from the upper right, towards the center of the image, with -1.61 adjustment to the exposure.


As you can see below, that had a profound impact on that section of the image, preserving the color and exposure for the final image below:



And here’s an animated gif showing the before and after edits.  I hope it works:

AEPOC’s “Vaughn’s Lights” image.


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