Behind the crazy.

Okay, so a few months ago I snapped a photo in an elevator at The Foshay in downtown Minneapolis, MN.  Just coming in from outside, and the bright sunlight, I had forgotten that my ISO was at 100, and my aperture was at f/4.5 (@8mm).  Being so dark in the elevator, those settings resulted in a shutter speed of 10 seconds.  So I started to take a picture, and quickly realized that the shutter was still open… not wanting to just wait and let the shot die, I just moved the camera around randomly and I got a crazy result; light streaks all over the place.  It looked pretty cool!

Upon getting home, I loaded the RAW file into Lightroom 4 and went to town.  Normally I use one of the many custom presets that I have created, but this time I just decided to see what I could do.  I jacked the contrast up as high as it goes (something I do the vast majority of the time), and that was really all I needed to do… but it was missing something.

After contrast, tinted the entire image yellow using  Split Toning, and that was fairly cool.  I wanted a bit more zip though, so I used two graduated filters… one green from the left, and one red from the right…. which produced a nice rainbow effect.  The end result is here:

Crazy Elevator_1992

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