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Five Friends

Saw an article on Fstoppers today where five guys took the same picture of themselves over thirty years.   Below is the series of photos.  Please click here for the Fstoppers link to the whole article.

What a great idea!


Behind the crazy.

Okay, so a few months ago I snapped a photo in an elevator at The Foshay in downtown Minneapolis, MN.  Just coming in from outside, and the bright sunlight, I had forgotten that my ISO was at 100, and my aperture was at f/4.5 (@8mm).  Being so dark in the elevator, those settings resulted in a shutter speed of 10 seconds.  So I started to take a picture, and quickly realized that the shutter was still open… not wanting to just wait and let the shot die, I just moved the camera around randomly and I got a crazy result; light streaks all over the place.  It looked pretty cool!

Upon getting home, I loaded the RAW file into Lightroom 4 and went to town.  Normally I use one of the many custom presets that I have created, but this time I just decided to see what I could do.  I jacked the contrast up as high as it goes (something I do the vast majority of the time), and that was really all I needed to do… but it was missing something.

After contrast, tinted the entire image yellow using  Split Toning, and that was fairly cool.  I wanted a bit more zip though, so I used two graduated filters… one green from the left, and one red from the right…. which produced a nice rainbow effect.  The end result is here:

Crazy Elevator_1992

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Just figured that I’d show you all my 500px site. Been working on it for a little while now, and finally have some decent content up there.


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