What is it to be an artist?

I’ve spent a long time and a lot of money on photography, and I am grateful for everything I have learned, and all the experiences I have had.

Lately I have been realizing what it is to be an artist (at least in regards to the photography that I do). One has to think about what people are about ; how they feel; what they’re interested in, and what is important to them… and capture that in a natural, raw (yet flattering) way. That’s something I never really knew before. I know all the technical settings for my camera, where to have the lights, etc., but I never knew the connection with the subject was so important in capturing something in a natural way. Ever look at a photo and think to yourself that the subject isn’t comfortable in it? If you have, odds are that they weren’t comfortable at all.

Strange as it may seem, I tend to make my best images when I’m having a difficult time in my life. Some people even think that in order to be a successful artist of any kind you have to have a lot of pain in your life. (Musicians are the most known for having and enduring lots of pain, due to the widespread reach of their art form). Anyhow, of course I want to be happy, but I’m beginning to wonder if that’s possible given how much I absolutely HAVE to create. If I’m not creating something, I feel like I’m useless. If it came down to it, would I choose happiness over my art? I’m not so sure.

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One thought on “What is it to be an artist?

  1. emgee April 5, 2010 at 2:45 pm Reply

    I believe everyone is different. With that said, I agree with your thoughts on connecting with your subject. I also think that there are moments that are often captured without any particular intent and, for lack of better description, are just part of the greater cosmos of photography. It may seem out of place where it is or seem to have no purpose at all.. but maaaaybe that "connection" that the photo has is yet to be seen in someone else's eyes… Art is more of an interpretation to me, I'm terrible with the "technical" stuff. I rely a lot on what I feel and see. Not to say that I couldn't be better, because I KNOW I would benefit immensely if I had the knowledge. Answering the question of "What is it to be an artist?" is, for me, best answered individually. As for enduring pain in life's situations, I do believe it helps creatively. Art is an outlet and without having a way to express and relieve emotions, we would all be walking around like shaken bottles of Austi!

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