Shoot with Marie: 01-30-2010

Had another shoot with Marie on Saturday, January 30th. We only had a few things we wanted to get, and for the most part we got them. It was about 10 degrees, so we shot right outside the Capitol building in downtown Madison so we could go back inside to warm up a bit (and so Marie could switch up the outfits). The shoot lasted around 45 minutes, and we each got some great looking photos. They can be viewed here on my Flickr stream.

I also wanted to have a little interview with Marie in regards to what she looks for in a photographer, what projects she’s interested in, and that sort of thing. See below for the interview:

AEPOC: How do you know when you want to work with a certain photographer? What sorts of things do you look for in their portfolios?

Marie: I definitely look for skill, of course, but more importantly I look for a pattern. I look for consistency and purpose. I like to shoot with photographers who have ideas that mean something to them and who want me to put their thoughts into a photograph. I feel like it is then truly art, because let’s face it, anyone can take/be in a picture, but to make it good there needs to be skill and purpose.

AEPOC: What sorts of photos are you interested in shooting? What types of projects would you like to be a part of?

Marie: I really need to diversify my portfolio, and thus I am up for almost anything. This question really comes back to my mantra of purpose. I want to shoot projects that serve a purpose, whether it means something just to the photographer or myself, or if it is a nationwide campaign, I want it to mean Something to Someone.

AEPOC: Is there a specific career path you’re leaning towards at this point based on the modeling? Professional modeling, acting, or something unrelated?

Marie: Well, my plans are to move to LA in the next 2 years, but not necessarily for modeling. My real career path is to become a teacher, but modeling for some shopping money can’t hurt!

AEPOC: What do you love most about being in front of the camera?

Marie: I love being in front of the camera. There is something about it that makes me comfortable, and I don’t know why, it just does. :D

AEPOC: How do you feel about post production, and the negative connotation of the question “has this image been Photoshopped”?

Marie: I feel like post production can either enhance a photo or ruin it. I think that whoever is doing the touch-ups needs to use their discretion wisely. When it comes to altering a model in a way that makes them unrealistic, I dislike it, but enhancing color, contrast, and exposure is fine, that is where technology has brought us and if it can make the overall image better, why not.


One thought on “Shoot with Marie: 01-30-2010

  1. emgee February 17, 2010 at 11:09 am Reply

    Nice job with the shoot j! Marie seems to really enjoys being in front of the camera. I especially like your comment about post production… I think she has a good point.

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