Monthly Archives: January 2010

Going down

Took this in the elevator this morning. I was going up to the 8th floor, and as soon as I hit the button to take the shot, I got to 8 and the UP arrow turned to down. Decided to keep it anyhow :)


Starting a new project

Professional Photographer Chase Jarvis gave me a good idea with his “The Best Camera Is The One That’s With You” book. For those of you that aren’t familiar, it’s a 241-page book he created with photos strictly from his iPhone. I am going to try to document my days with my BlackBerry and see if I can keep at it. I won’t be going to as many awesome places as Mr. Jarvis, but it should still be entertaining.

My first photo is a soda from Culver’s the other day.

The Madison Ice Muskies

The Madison Ice Muskies hockey club has had their operations suspended for the remainder of the ’09/’10 season by the AAHL due to financial reasons. This isn’t much of a surprise to those close to the club, but that doesn’t make it any easier to deal with.

I really feel for the players, and the coach; neither of which were getting paid. I’m still going over, editing, and sending some of the players photos from the half-season we were able to complete. It makes me feel good that the guys still like seeing the photos that I was able to take. There were lots of photos that I wasn’t able to get to create, and I sincerely hope that someday I will be able to. Best of luck to all the Muskies I’ve met over the last four months… it’s been a blast.

Also, the email that I was given for the Ice Muskies isn’t exactly working at the moment (shocking)… so if there are any players that would like photos, please contact me via my contact form here on